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Well I finally got around to updating our site, We were not able to make it to any shows this year but we did raise some very nice animals and hopefully will be hitting more shows, and plan on the nationals next nov. We will be having some very nice animals for sale.

Jersey Wooly Sell Out
  Melissa has decided to sell out of the jersey woolies due to lack of time, and space. She has some very good brood stock from Tessa Erb, and some very nice young stock also. Please contact us we will be offering some very good deals on them.

Midwest Mini Rex Specialty show, 12/31/09
BOSV, Kelly's Zuel
BOV,  Kelly's Razor
BOV, Scharpe's Nova
Stateline Area RBA Show, 12/31/09
BOV, Kelly's Razor
BOSV, Scharpe's Belair




Scharpe Rabbit Habit